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Cathy Hewlett, Chair Massage Toronto, ON
When it comes to chair massage in Toronto companies and individuals alike choose On The Spot Massage, the premiere provider of on site chair massage and table massage in Toronto, and across Ontario.

Chair massage is a focused massage done over the clothing in a specially designed portable massage chair. It addresses those key tension areas in the back, neck, shoulders and arms. It's brought right to your workplace or special event.

Give your staff a massage break instead of a coffee break!

Take advantage of the Toronto massage special that you'll find at the bottom of this page and discover the benefits
firsthand. If you have any questions, simply call Cathy, the Director of Relaxation for this leading Toronto chair massage company at 416.953.0053 for a free consultation. She'll be happy to show you how easy and affordable it can be to have chair massage in your workplace or at your next special event.

What Fortune's "100 Best Companies" Know

There's a reason why 90 percent of Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For" provide workplace massage as an employee benefit. Workplace related stress has increased from 64% to 89% since 2010. An Angus Read Poll report that 51% of employees in Canada experience stress in the workplace. Fortune 100 and 500 companies consider on site chair massage to be the ultimate wellness program.

Chair massage is a perk that keeps your staff alert. The belief that employees will fall asleep at their desks is a myth. Research has shown that chair massage energizes staff and increases alertness. One study found that employees who received regular massage over a five-week period were able to do math tests twice as fast and with half as many errors as non-massaged employees.

Chair massage has many benefits over traditional programs and is hands down one of the most cost effective tools for improving your employees well being. Unlike other programs that need constant supervision and can quickly become an administrative nightmare, a chair
massage wellness program will almost run itself. On the Spot Massage can show you exactly how to set up your Toronto chair massage program to be hassle-free and stress-free for your administrative team. Ask Cathy about On the Spot Massage's "Healthy @ Work™" wellness program.

You have absolutely no capital costs with chair massage. You don't have to buy any equipment or supplies. You don't even need a dedicated space – it can be done literally anywhere in your workplace. This makes it easy to try massage on a trial basis with no financial risk.

It's easy to promote and is used by the people who need it most. Unlike almost any other wellness program, the effects are immediate. You don't have to wait a long time to see results. And when employees start feeling better with regular massage, they become motivated to explore other wellness activities including healthy eating, exercise and smoking cessation.
Toronto chair massage in Toronto

Take advantage of the Toronto massage special and try onsite massage on a trial basis. You'll see firsthand how well it can work for you and/or your company.

"We have had Cathy from On the Spot Massage come to our office once a week for over a year now. Everyone in the office and warehouse can hardly wait for massage day! Cathy is punctual, always pleasant and we have come to believe that she really has magic fingers. We tried 4 different companies and we all voted for the massage we liked the best. Cathy received all the votes! Kind regards,"

Brenda Harran, Customer Service/Inside Sales for Nature's Way of Canada, Markham, ON

Chair Massage Is Not Just For Corporate Wellness

Companies that use chair massage in Toronto know that this on site massage service can be used as a solution to all kinds of needs. Chair massage can:

Help staff through stressful times or heavy workloads
Refresh participants at meetings or conventions
Attract attention to their tradeshow booth
Add excitement to employee events such as staff appreciation days, company picnics and wellness fairs
Enhance staff performance in the workplace
Treat prospects and clients at golf tournaments
Improve employee morale
Spotlight your company at media events
Provide a premium and incentive to prospects and even your sales team

To increase your visibility and attract attention at your next event, be sure to try on site chair massage. Nothing draws a crowd faster than the promise of a free massage. The On The Spot Massage can wear your company shirts and brand their relaxation station as being uniquely yours.

Get Started Now

As a company that specializes in relaxation, On The Spot Massage doesn't want you to suffer anxiety over making the right decision for your company. So use them as consultants. They have more experience in on site massage in Toronto than almost any other company. They work with companies in all types of industry sectors and help them find solutions for their individual needs, regardless of your size or budget. Print up the Toronto massage special below and call 416.953.0053 for a free consultation today.

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Toronto chair massage in Toronto

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And although On The Spot Massage is head quartered in Toronto, Cathy can arrange to provide corporate chair massage in Toronto and across Ontario through her network of experienced practitioners.

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